Clinical Cases

The surgery of an osseointegrated dental implant must be executed under controlled conditions and
surgical asepsis and should aim at a solid and direct conection between the bone and the implant,
and should be as less traumatic as possible to the patient. The decision for an osseointegrated dental
implant must be preceded by a complete treatment plan, based on visual inspection, panoramic and
periapical radiographies, aiming at determining the anatomic limits, the occlusal conditions, the periodontal status and patient osseous condition. This analysis can be enriched with lateral cephalometric radiography and CAT scans.

1. Superior Unitary Crowns
Autogenous graft reopening moment Surgical guide in position
Occlusal view of the internal hexagon implants 30 days after second surgical
Substructure of unitary crowns in the model
Unitary metalloceramic crowns in the model Vestibular view of the unitary metalloceramic

2. Superior Anterior Fixed Prosthesis
Absence of superior incisors Healers in position (implants nr. 12 and 22)
Oclusal view of the implants Substructure of the screw fixed prosthesis
Vestibular view of the metalloceramic fixed
Patient’s smile

3. Inferior Unitary Crowns
Occlusal view of 2 internal hexagon implants nr. 31 and 41 Screwed unitary crowns substructure test
Screwed unitary crowns substructure test Lingual view of the unitary crowns
Vestibular view of the crowns in the mouth Patient’s smile

4. Mandibular Posterior Fixed Prosthesis
Right side external hexagon implants Left side external hexagon implants
Metalloceramic fixed prosthesis screwed on
the model
Vestibular view of the right side metalloceramic crowns
Vestibular view of the left side etalloceramic
Frontal view of the concluded prosthesis

5. Cementeded Superior Unitary Crown
Absence of element 11 Second surgical phase, implant of external
Radiographic aspect of the implant in region 11 Vestibular aspect of the healer in position
Unitary crown on the implant of region 11 Cemented unitary crowns, implant in region
11 and in region 21

6. Mandibular Protocol
Radiographic aspect of the implants in mandibule Vestibular aspect of the esteticone prosthetic
Substructure test and join with weld fixing duralay Inferior view of the fixed prosthesis “Branemark protocol”
Lingual view of the superior total prosthesis
and the inferior fixed prosthesis
Frontal view of the fixed prosthesis "Branemark protocol”

7. Implante Flex
Panoramic Radiography. Aspect of the inferior alveolar ridge.
Multifunctional surgical guide. Multifunctional guide in position and implant placed in the medline.
Five implants inserted between mental foramen Aspect of the one piece implant after removal of the assemblers
Healers positioned on the Flex implants. Work Model with Flex implants analogue.
Concluded prosthesis, in the model. Inferior prosthesis installed 24 hours after the surgery.
Aspect of the patient with prosthesis placed.

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