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ArrowThe ARROW family implants have a cylindrical body, metric threads on the body and micro threads close to the prosthetic platform, whose function is to aid the primary stability of the implant, especially when there is a bone quality with narrow range of cortical and porous bone, besides having a sharp and cutting apex, which facilitates its insertion. The ARROW family implants are indicated for low density bones, types III and IV, and they cause an expansion of the medullary portion of the receptor bone when inserted, besides having the action of the micro threads on the bone corticomedullary transition region. The work with mills is reduced (in most cases only the spear milling cutter is used), which reduces the transoperative time. The prosthetic platforms available are the Morse Taper and Internal Hexagon types.

Short - Cone Morse

Short Cone MorseThe short implants of Dentoflex were developed to be an alternative in the surgical/prosthetic planning when the absence of bone height availability in the posterior maxillary and mandibular regions is observed. It is also indicated for installation in the posterior region serving as support in protocol prostheses. Available in external hexagon prosthetic connections provided with mount and implant cover, morse taper available only with mount.


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