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Fachada DentoflexDentoflex is a company focused in the development and improvement of its industrialization and commercialization processes. Working in the dentistry heath area Dentoflex promotes an ongoing improvement in processes and products, offering research opportunities to our customers and employees.

By using leading edge materials and machines to produce our implants and prosthetic components line, Dentoflex has established a reliable and severe quality control.
The qualification of our employees and the tools they have at their disposal will guarantee the reproductivity and repeatability of all items produced by Dentoflex.

Our Customer Service is another distinctive factor we have in our favor in this very competitive market. We are always prepared to solve the most complex cases presented by our partners.

Currently, further to the best solutions offered for our customers’ satisfaction, Dentoflex invests in the improvement of its employees’ skills so that they can understand and be in
compliance with the quality level demanded by our partners.
The concern to offer high technology products to the market represents the pioneering spirit Dentoflex has incorporated when catering to the professionals in this area.

Dentoflex performs its role in history by realizing the dream of the person who, for you, becomes a partner: your patient. Indeed, smile and be happy.

Dr. J. Mulatinho then a dental student paid for his journeys between São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto by reselling clinical instruments to his fellow students. Then in December 1977, the doctor Jorge Mulatinho and Gilberto Moscardo started the activities of Dentoflex.

In 1988, Dentoflex broughty the best of American and European technology to the production of implants, thereby creating a manufacturing park, with the best that there is in CNC technology.

Quality Policy
Act in the area of dental health, promoting continuous improvement in the processes and products, providing development for customers and collaborators.

Concerned with offering the dental market materials of quality with high added value, Dentoflex implemented a rigorous Quality Management System obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification by TÜV Rheinland and BPF – Good Manufacturing Practices by the National Agency of Sanitary Inspection – ANVISA.

The BFP certification, also known by its acronym in English of GPM (Good Manufacturing Practices), is recognized for its importance in allowing companies of the dental and medical area to sell their products to both the domestic and foreign market.

Adopted by the ANVISA, by means of its General Management of Technology of Health Products, the BPF certification ensures the quality of the processes controls the risk to the patient’s health.

GMP ISO 13485:2003 ISO 9001:2008


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